What is a Grok?


To "Grok" Something Is To Know Everything About It

The meaning of the word Grok comes from the 1961 novel Stranger in a Strange Land. The novel not only won a Hugo Award, but it is perhaps one of the greatest science fiction books of all time.

So while Sci-Fi may not be your cup of tea, here is the context under which we use the word "Grok". The main character in the novel is Michael Valentine Smith, who is the first human born on Mars and to be raised by Martians. Did you know that Grok is a Martian word, but due to the novel's popularity you will now find it in the English dictionary?

Anyway, here is a brief recap of the background to the story and how Grok fits within it:

In the future, Mars is as it is today, a dry planet almost devoid of water. In the story, Martians are a highly evolved species and because water had become so scarce on their planet, Martians evolutionary development had been shaped by this scarcity such that everything they did now revolved around drinking: social customs, learning, everything. For instance, if a Martian wished to learn something he would "Grok" it. However, once a Martian had Grokked something, it was no longer just something he knew, it literally became something that he was and he knew everything there was to know about it at a molecular level. He was the knowledge and the knowledge was him.

Now here is how Grokking applies to car shopping; cars are highly engineered, complex, mechanical devices. The model and option combinations tend to be very complicated. "Build A Car" functions, which are what you typically find on websites, are nice but they are incapable of conveying the understanding you need of the differences betwen the various sub-model choices (known as trims or derivatives) and upgrade "packages" and options.

"We have built the Auto-Grok so you can obtain a deep understanding of cars."

Naturally, we hope that you use your Auto-Grok knowledge to shop via our network of car dealers who are using our shopping cart service (it empowers you to shop for and even buy your next car entirely online). You will find the shopping cart service at the bottom of every vehicle page in the Auto-Grok.

Before you get started, we believe a quick word of warning is also in order. Some Auto-Grok customers have told us that after Grokking, they tried to shop dealers who don't have a shopping cart, and that they regret doing so. We know it is tempting to take free knowledge and try to use it elsewhere; however as we have direct, negative customer feedback from some who have done that we thought it appropriate to share their warning.

Apparently once you are able to say with confidence that you don't need to come in to <a non-enlightened> dealership for a vehicle consultation or to get a price, we have been told that some car dealers without a shopping cart get quite annoyed and make Auto-Grok customers uncomfortable, and wanted to spare you that experience.

We do however believe that there are good reasons to need to and want to speak to a car dealer and even to go and see a car dealer who has demonstrated that you can trust them (i.e. to firm up their quoted value for your trade-in and verify its condition, to verify your credit rating with their lenders, to verify your identity, and to hold your selected vehicle from sale to others, etc.). However, we believe that you should only do this when you are ready to and that you shouldn't be forced to prior to you achieving that level of comfort.

Our other bit of shared experience is this: many other Auto-Grok customers tell us that shopping and even buying entirely online beats talking to a car dealer salesperson for whatever small price difference they are able to negotiate outside of the shopping cart, in exchange for the countless, stressful, additional hours, days and weeks of frustration they encountered when they went offline.

If that helps, great, otherwise "Good Grokking and Shopping!" Facebookdel.icio.usdiggRedditblogmarksFarkfeedmelinksFurlLinkaGoGoNewsVineNetvouzYahooMyWebBlinkList

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