What Is A "Model" And What Is A "Style?"

Terms You Need To Know

So that you can shop effectively, here are a few terms you'll want to learn:

  • The Honda Civic is a "Vehicle".
  • The Sedan is one "Model" of the vehicle; the Coupe is another.
  • Each model is also available in a number of "Styles."
  • The style determines how much factory equipment is included as standard and which is available as an upgrade.
  • There are also exterior and interior color restrictions by model and by style.

Honda Civic Sedan styles

While the next page on this site has a grid that explains all of the individual style differences and prices, below is a brief recap:

  • There are 7 styles of the Honda Civic Sedan.
  • The great majority of vehicles sold are between the LX and EX-L models (see below)
Styles Base MSRP Color Differences Key Equipment Differences
DX $15,655 Only available in silver or royal blue. While it is nicely equipped (i.e. power windows) it has no air conditioning, radio, or floor mats.
DX-VP + $750 Also available in light blue, dark gray, and white. Adds air conditioning and a radio.
LX + $1,200 Also available in red, medium gray, and black. Adds power door locks, cruise control, remote keyless entry.
LX-S + $600 Interior seats are black fabric not gray or beige. This is a "Sport" appearance package with a spoiler, chrome exhaust, and heated seats.
EX + $1,250 - Adds a USB/iPod interface, rear seat storage conveniences, and navigation is available.
EX-L + $1,550 Leather not fabric seats. This is a "Leather" package. It adds a power moon-roof, stability and traction upgrades.
Si + $1,250 It has 3 custom colors and special interior seating. This is the performance edition. It is has a bigger engine and a 6-speed manual transmission.

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