2009 GM Saturn Outlook

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Video does a great job describing the Saturn Outlook

How to use the table below:

Each vehicle model (i.e. Outlook) is available in multiple "Trims" (i.e. XE, XR).
Each trim has different standard equipment, upgrade choices and often there are color choice differences too.

Summary Summary
Base level of equipment.
Only pay for what you want.
Nicely equipped.
Only way to get navigation upgrade.
Trim Choices Trim Choices
Trim # ZR14526 w/1XE Package
V6 3.6L 281hp
17 city/24 hwy
Trim # ZR14526 w/1XR Package
V6 3.6L 288hp
17 city/24 hwy
Trim # ZV14526 w/1XE Package
V6 3.6L 281hp
16 city/22 hwy
Trim # ZV14526 w/1XR Package
V6 3.6L 288hp
16 city/22 hwy
How To Decide How To Decide
Grok Exterior Colors Grok Exterior Colors
Grok Interior Colors Grok Interior Colors
Grok Equipment, Upgrades Grok Equipment, Upgrades
Grok Wheel Choices Grok Wheel Choices
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